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Gadgets Galore And For Those Whose Preference Lies In The Petite

April 1, 2016

If you’re a geek for gadgets, be it a kitchen appliance or the latest updated smartphone technology, then you’re in luck as this article will feed you with a few tit bits about the tech savvy world that has manifested.

Here’s a list of great gadgets that run quite high up on the list of appliances that may fuel your interests in the intricate world of technology.

Robotic vacuum cleaners

It’s a device that’ll help in the mission of keeping your home dust free and hygienic, with ultrasonic sensors detecting every cat, dag or human that stands in its way with a wide angled upward facing camera that maps out the location of ceilings, light sources and the placement of items of furniture in the room, this robotic vacuum machine will clean up your house with a breeze of ease.

This is a great appliance, which requires no assistance from an emergency electrician, to get for the home front as it’ll cleanup a mess and a half while you unwind and take the pressure of your feet, mind and body.

However as this is a machine with a mind of its own if you get even the faintest smell of something burning my advice to you is to call up professionals who performs electrical check-up. Always be safe and never sorry.

An iphone

An iphone that has all the gut and gusto of a 6s model and the sleek and petite look and feel of a 5s model, the iphone SE stands as an amalgamation of all that is best in both models, leaving it’s fallbacks out of the design loop.

This new and improved model features the same camera as the 6s, including a 12 Megapixel sensor and 4k video support, with true tone flash that’ll guarantee the best of selfies, as it brightens up the display along with your day.

Australian designed concussion detecting gadget

A newly developed headband that is intended to be worn by men and women of the contact sporting world, especially in sports like American football, can detect and verify the degree of impact caused by a collision in real-time.

This device, which was developed in order to gather information regarding the phenomena of concussions that is gaining momentum as a growing societal issue in Australia, is a headband with sensors found at the back of the head which measure the force of an impact caused by collision. The data collected is to be used in long term research to fuel the analysis on what measures are to be taken in relation to the issue at hand.