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What Are Ways To Save Energy At Your Workplace?

March 5, 2019

Little things go along way. Be it randomly throwing an apple seed when you’re at the park and years later looking at an enormous tree, after nature had worked its magic on it or smiling at the security guard at your workplace and spreading positive vibes, because kindness is contagious, its proven through research.Getting to the point, yes you’re definitely going to make your company’s revenue grow rapidly if you implement environmentally friendly ways, and conserve energy, it’s great for the company name and the brand, and it can also help you save a large amount of costs, but most importantly it’s also going to give you an opportunity to make this world s better place. Read on to know how you can be a part of it.

Choose Energy Efficient Lighting Systems.

One thing we suck at is instead of opening the windows and letting the sunlight wash through, we shut them up and turn the lights on. Maybe it’s because switching a light on is less time consuming? I’m not sure about the illogical theory behind it, but if you really want to conserve energy, the first step you can take is by using natural light as much as possible. And if that seems so hard, then consider hiring an electrician Bundoora out and install an energy efficient Lighting system for your entire workplace. It might be costly at the beginning but trust me the long term benefits are innumerable.

Turn Off Unnecessary Lights and Equipment.

This is going to one effortless way to make sure your utility bills aren’t taking up a huge part of your expenses. C’mon on, it’s not that hard to switch off lights in rooms that are not in use right? It’s not all about contributing to your company’s growth and profitability, it’s also about being a better version of yourself. So next time you see an unoccupied room with a light turned on, or the microwave in the office kitchen still turned on, take two steps and switch it off. Even if it means you’re going to get two seconds late for the AGM that’s held every three years. And when you pay for electrical services, make sure you’ve covered greener, environmentally friendly installations. Visit this link https://www.allenelectrical.com.au/heidelberg/for more info on electrical services Heidelberg.

Reduce Printing And Use Laptops.

I’m sure your office prints more paper than the newspaper printing industries these days. It might sound like I’m exaggerating but it’s true, we’re seeing a major downfall in the industry. Well like as if to compensate for that, most offices have taken up the responsibility to print literally every edited version of a report or project. If you don’t want to waste a tree, then start saving copies in your computer instead of printing one out. And when you take a copy out, check if it’s yours so another person doesn’t have to print again. In addition, laptops usually consume less energy compared to desktops so if you’re getting makeover done to your office, along with hiring out sustainable electrical services, do consider switching to laptops if you’re using desktops.

Promote Sustainability.

If you’ve got an option to take the stairs or use the elevator, choose the stairs. I repeat choose the stairs. Okay I probably sound demanding like a toxic ex, but really, why’d you want to forego an option that’s going to burn off some calories clinging to your belly. Try taking the stairs, conserve energy, live and let live. More over if you’re with a friend take them along with you. Unless it’ll be lunch break by the time you reach your cabin. Also promote sustainability at your workplace by encouraging the employees to conserve energy in every way possible. Maybe consider sending a friendly reminder everyday to turn off appliances and Equipment not in use. A small change in daily habits can make a huge difference.